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4 of The Most Affordable British Clothing Brands for Kids

Are you looking for affordable British clothing brands for kids? I’ve put together a list of my absolute favourite brands in the UK that make cute and very affordable clothes for little ones.

As mothers, we end up putting a lot of time into making sure that our kids are the cutest at the playground! What most people don’t know is that cute doesn’t have to mean expensive. For me, finding the most affordable British clothing brands for kids is a must yet, I’m still able to have my daughter looking fly for a decent price.

Stocking everything from the basics to occasionwear, here are my top 4 affordable British clothing brands for kids! (I hope you’ve memorised those debit card numbers, these brands are very hard to resist)!

My Top 4 Affordable British Clothing Brands For Kids

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George has got to be my favourite brand for kids clothes, hands down!
It is a clothing brand created by Asda and although I have never actually shopped George in-store, their online range is absolutely impeccable! Their website features all the latest fashion from men to babies clothing at super affordable prices and very decent quality.

Any time I shop at George I know I won’t have to spend an arm and a leg for a nice selection.

Shop George kids clothing here


Nutmeg have recently launched their online store and I couldn’t be happier. I was recommended Nutmeg by many friends and family members during my pregnancy and I can definitely say that I am now a regular customer!

Created by Morrisons, Nutmeg features fashion at very affordable prices!

Shop Nutmeg kids clothing here

3- TU

TU is a clothing brand by Sainsburys and can be found in many of their stores all around the UK! Providing High street styles at supermarket prices, they really have a great range for all ages!

I personally shop both women’s and kids clothing at TU and I have never been disappointed. The only let down is that Maya can’t wear their clothes forever!
Who knew supermarkets made some of the most fashionable clothes for children!?

Shop TU kids clothing here

4- H&M

And last but not least- I’m sure we all know H&M.
I wasn’t too sure whether it really belonged in this list, but I’m able to buy their affordable clothes in Britain, so why not!?
Let me tell you, H&M make some real trendy clothes for kids! Anytime I dress Maya in an outfit with their clothes, it’s almost guaranteed that she’s going to be looking better than me that day LOL!

Their quality is amazing and their prices are just as impressive!

Shop H&M kids clothing here

So there you have it, 4 super affordable British clothing brands for kids! Where do you like to buy your lil one’s clothes? Be sure to let me know in the comments below, I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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