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8 Simple Winter Hair Care Tips For Curly Hair

Is it me or is it cold in here? I truly feel like this winter is never-ending, especially living in the UK, summer couldn’t come sooner! As a girl with natural curly hair, I know these low temperatures have been the perfect sign for me to get my ish together and ensure that my hair gets the tender love and care it needs.
I have made a list of my favourite winter hair care tips so you guys can follow and finally combat that winter breakage – these tips certainly keep my hair healthy year after year! Curly hair doesn’t do best in chilly weather so it’s super important to keep those curls alive during the colder months.

Winter Hair Care Tips For Curly Hair

1. Don’t wash it too often

For my curly headed people, we do not need to be washing our hair multiple times a week- I repeat, there is no neeeeed.
If you have any type of kinks, coils or tight curls, washing your hair maybe once a week or even every 2 weeks is more than enough to keep your hair clean without removing all of that important moisture. Washing too often will constantly strip your hair of the oils it needs to stay healthy and therefore increase breakage.

And that leads me to the next point…

2. Shampoo The Right Way

Shampoos can actually be more damaging to your hair than you’d think. But surely there’s nothing wrong with a product that is made to keep your hair and scalp clean… right?….right!?

Well unfortunately not. Especially if the shampoo contains sulphates and other harsh chemicals, it is definitely no good for your delicate curls. These shampoos aggressively strip our hair in order to ‘cleanse’, and in the process, leave nothing behind.
When washing your hair, I say always opt for a sulphate free shampoo or even a conditioner/co-wash product- works like a charm!

2. Protective styles

When it comes to the winter, you want your hair tucked and protected! The cold air can be very harsh on our curls which is why it is important to utilise protective styles!
This can range from braids to sleek buns, just find whatever works for you and rock it all winter long.

Not sure which protective style to choose? Why don’t you check out this selection of protective styles to try during winter!

4. Trim those dead ends

During the winter, these colder months are just waiting to snatch your ends right off your hair strands. I’m talking about incoming deep split ends, and very dry, brittle hair- it will just get worse and worse the longer you leave it. Unfortunately, our hair isn’t very smart and will just continue to break and split overtime if not treated correctly.
That’s why you should be trimming your dead/split ends whilst they are still only ‘ends’. If you get to them early on, you’re less likely to need and go and get a big chop post winter!

5. Satin!!!

Whether it be a hat or a pillowcase, Satin and silk may just be your best-friends during the winter period. I know your head is cold, but wooly hats are NOT your friend- they will snag and snap your strands every time. Why not try a satin lined hat and keep your hair protected in style!

6. Don’t be stingy with the deep conditioner

I’m aware, I probably go overboard when it comes to applying deep conditioner and hair masks on a wash day; but, you can never have too much deep conditioner…who’s with me? I say it’s better to use a very generous amount as often as needed to make sure that your hair gets the appropriate restoration it needs.
I usually deep condition every time I wash my hair-which is probably every 2 weeks. For times I’m taking down a long protective style, I deep condition overnight and my hair is always bouncy like never before.

7. Avoid heat styling

One of my favourite curly hair tips that I’ve stuck to for as long as I can remember is to chill out with the heat! Direct heat from hair straighteners and curling rods, even blow dryers can be extremely harmful for your hair.
Use this winter period to experiment with heatless styles; flexi rods, braid outs, twist outs, bantu knots… the list is endless!

8. Moisturise!

We all get dry hair in winter, it’s pretty much inevitable. SO I can’t stress enough how much you need to be overcompensating for that dryness with a good moisturisation routine.

Either following the LOC or LCO method, try to frequently use leave-ins and hair oils to keep your curls bouncy and alive.

You may also want to read: Must Have Hair Care Tips for Babies (I touch on the LOC method here)

I hope these curly hair tips will be able to help you avoid dry hair in winter and keep your hair healthy! Do you have any other tips that I haven’t listed? Let me know in the comments below…until next time loves.

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