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A Day In The Life of a Young Mum

At the age of 21, I gave birth to my first child. Needless to say, I had no idea what to expect and jumped into this new life head first.
It has definitely been a difficult time, especially during this pandemic. As a young mum I feel I do have an advantage when it comes to having energy, but being a parent to a toddler is no joke!
Finding things to do, keeping her entertained etc, it is all very time consuming but hey, I guess that’s the life I signed up for!

Admittedly, there is not much going on in our life right now but I still thought it would be fun to share our daily routine at the moment.

So this is a rough idea of how our days go. Of course no day is the same but this is what one of our more productive days looks like.

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Wake up- 7-8am

We’ve honestly tried the early mornings before and when I was working, it was the norm! But especially now as the weather is heating up, we both end up sleeping longer. Don’t get me wrong though, there are days that Maya surprises me and wakes up at 4am ready to play…. wtf!?

I actually took her dummy (or pacifier for you non British folk) away for good and she has been waking up at ridiculous times searching for that comfort. Not great for someone who decides to go to bed at 2am!!
I have an alarm permanently set for 7:30am and that’s usually the time I get up. If I wake up before Maya, I use the time to prepare things for the day, maybe scroll a lil on social media and brace myself for the day ahead.


After brushing our teeth we head downstairs for breakfast. Usually Maya would have Weetabix with a banana, you really can’t go wrong when it comes to Weetabix and banana for a toddler- she loves it! Other days when I’m feeling more adventurous I would prepare anything from French toast to scrambled eggs- it really depends.

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If I choose to give Maya some finger food for breakfast, I would bring her high chair to the living room, stick on CBeebies and take the chance to workout.

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Being a mother, it is incredibly difficult finding time to workout
When the weather is decent, I would set up outside. I don’t always like putting Maya in front of an iPad but it can’t be helped at times.
My workouts range anywhere between 30 minutes to and hour and a half so I try my best to interact with her in-between sets!

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Chillout, get things done

After working out I’m usually dog tired. So after finally getting my breath back and downing a protein shake, I start to ‘get things done’. Whether this be laundry or updating my blog, whilst Maya’s belly is full I take the chance to be productive. At this time, Maya is usually playing independently and I would take occasional breaks to to try her ‘delicious’ make believe meals. She is really into pretend cooking at the moment, it’s adorable.

Go out ‘somewhere’

As the lockdown restrictions have recently been lifted, that means the parks are open again! I was so relieved! Every time we would pass the play area, Maya would look at me with her big eyes and say “Mummy, park!”, I felt so bad! But now, she can play there once more and I use this as a time for her to really release all that built up energy she has. I don’t know what they put in those blocks of weetabix but I swear she could play for hours!

If we don’t go to the park, I may take a lil walk to the shops for some extra cardio and to buy food… I’m always buying food tbh.

Lunch time

Usually I would have left-overs in the fridge that I would improvise with for lunch. That being said, recently Maya seems to pretty content with a simple sandwich at lunch time! Once her food is prepared and on the table, that’s when I have a chance to eat. I have to be honest here in saying that I haven’t had the biggest appetite in the past few months so lunch for me is usually some simple protein and veggies. Gains init!

Maya’s nap

I don’t think I have to explain this one. Baby sleeping means mummy gets some time to herself. Although, her naps don’t always last that long. In fact at times, just as I settle down and press play on Netflix, I hear the faint words “mawnin mummy”…. and just like that, it’s over. It’s not faaaaiiiiirrrrrrrrrr!

Playtime/ Dinner Time

Either before she wakes up or once she is awake, I would start to prepare dinner! I enjoy being pretty adventurous in the kitchen and I’m always trying cuisine from other countries. I think it is important for Maya to try all different types of food to avoid fussy eating in the future and currently, it is going well. I must admit though, at times I can be a lil too adventurous, pretentious, whatever lol. I’ll blame myself when she is 7 years old expecting fine dining every night!

Bath Time

Toys and bubbles! Keeps her entertained and CLEAN! I wash her hair once or twice a week… That’s about it tbh!

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Maya’s bedtimes really range anywhere from 7:30-10pm, it depends how long/whether she even napped that day.

We usually end the day with a story and a song, then she goes into her cot and falls asleep (whilst I hide under the covers scrolling Instagram so she can’t see me of course LOL). Maya still sleeps with the white noise and I personally have gotten so used to it to. Living in a smaller house, it can get pretty noisy, especially with other kids around. So to ensure Maya gets a decent nights rest, I keep the noise on to block out any unnecessary sounds.
Once she’s sleeping I take the opportunity to update my BUJO, maybe some late night language practice, more blogging… basically everything I can’t take much time to do during the day!


Now you know what we get up to, tell me, what does your daily routine usually look like? Let me know in the comments below!

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