The 5 Best Places To Buy Women’s Workout Clothes

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In the last few years, it has been clear to see that women’s workout clothes are gaining a large amount of popularity- especially on Instagram. I’m sure we have all seen the ads and ambassador schemes- why? Well because everyone’s working out these days!
But did you know that the clothes you wear during a workout are a very important factor to how successful your workout is? Whether it comes down to getting your sweat on in some loose fitting pyjamas, or a top-of-the-range activewear set, the functionality of what you wear makes the biggest difference.

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As much as I would love to, despite how comfortable they are, it is highly unlikely that you’ll see me at the gym in a set of pyjamas- sorry to disappoint LOL. Although it is totally fine to do this at home, you must find something that represents you, that you can wear with pride outside and still get through your workout without any wardrobe malfunctions.
It was only until quite recently that I discovered how comfortable the right activewear really can be. Realising I can still wear leggings without having to constantly pull them up or feel restricted was like discovering a whole new world. I can look good and not worry about the fit!? Result!

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What Makes An Activewear Brand’s Clothing “Good”?

When it comes to buying women’s workout clothes, I think we all should be looking for the 4 Feel Good F’s. What are the 4 Feel Good F’s? I hear you ask… they are totally something I just made up on the spot, but hear me out, it makes sense! They are:

  1. Functionality- you should wear clothes that ensure you have the most comfortable workout possible and allow you to perform to your best ability! You don’t want anything that will interrupt your flow or restrict your movements. Finding something that stretches with your movements is vital as it needs to be able to withstand all those squats, jumps and whatever other crazy moves you like to do!!
  2. Is it Flattering- Does it hug your body in all the right places? Does it make your booty pop?
  3. Fashionability- Of course you have too look good in what you wear, but you should also feel good too! Find attractive activewear that makes you feel confident so you can confidently workout! Follow the trends… or don’t. It’s totally up to you!
  4. Fabric quality- Breathable and lightweight fabric is important. We all sweat as our body temperatures rise so we want something that’ll allow your body to breathe and stay cool.

Remember, wearing clothes that make you feel good should be more important than wearing them for the benefit of others.
Wear workout clothes that make you feel like a boss babe! It’s the best feeling and confidence boost when you walk into the gym (or even the living room) knowing you look good in a flattering activewear set!

I saw an article making the comparison between activewear and a superhero suit, and I totally agree! It can make you feel like a whole new person when you wear clothing that you can be proud of.

So now we know what we want out of our activewear… where do we find it? I want to share my top 5 favourite places to buy the best women’s workout clothes in the UK.

Top 5 Places To Buy Women’s Workout Clothes

(This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something I may earn a commission. Thanks.)

I have selected 5 places that I absolutely love going to when I buy workout clothes. Each place has some of the best athletic clothes in my opinion! You are free to mix and match with a variety of colours to create your own perfect combinations.
Also, I can’t forget- seamless clothing is very in right now and each brand has a great variety to offer, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get shopping!


I had seen Aybl absolutely everywhere so it was only fair that I actually gave their activewear a go! Despite only launching 3 years ago, they have become one of the leading companies for women’s workout clothes in the UK and even worldwide!
Their gymwear is comfortable and definitely squat proof which is a great start!

They are always releasing new ranges of colours and styles that keep up with the trends and are extremely hard to resist!

Oh, and I can’t leave out their motto; “AYBL to believe, AYBL to achieve” as it’s something I very much stand by- it’s hard for me not to love this company!

Some of my favourites include Balance v2 seamless leggings and sports bra (as seen in the thumbnail for this blogpost).


I’m sure everyone is familiar with Gymshark. They are probably one of the most popular and recognisable fitness apparel brands…in the world..? I think so!

Many of their ambassadors are popular fitness influencers making it hard to avoid the hype. With over 5 million followers on their main Instagram account, I’m sure others would agree that this brand means business!

Their figure hugging seamless fabrics are ultra comfortable and come in a variety of high waisted styles- that are incredibly flattering from all angles.
Other than how flattering their clothing looks on the body, another one of my favourite points about their activewear is the range of trendy, bright colours!
Oh and did I mention that their website features a wiiiide range of body types!

My favourite Gymshark leggings have to be their Vital seamless leggings!


Owned by Oh Polly, this Instagramable activewear brand has a huuuuge range of equally fashionable and comfortable sets.

Bo+Tee is definitely one of the most current for women’s workout clothes in my opinion and you can definitely see the similarities with their sister brand!

Some of my favourites include the majority of clothing from the Lovestrong collection. I wish I could just buy it all- the colours in this edit are absolutely everything!!


Amazon was the first place I went to when shopping for workout clothes. At first, I didn’t want to commit to a more expensive set, but still wanted to test out the comfortability of general activewear- (as I mentioned before, I would only really workout in my pyjamas before now).
Although Amazon itself is not a particular brand for activewear, they have a great affordable selection of brands to choose from.

Some of my favourites include these Seamless high waisted leggings, this long sleeve crop top and the famous booty-lifting tiktok leggings!!

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Ryderwear is an Australian gym-apparel brand but has made success globally for their super trendy activewear. They have a great selection for both men and women and are perfect for the frequent gym-goers.

One of my favourites are these Seamless ribbed leggings!

And there you have it, my top 5 places to buy women’s workout clothes. All of these brands have such wide selections making it definitely hard to choose what to buy first!
Have you bought from any of these places before? Which one has caught your eye? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Tangela
    June 15, 2021

    Nice post. I’m always on the lookout for something cute and functional. No point in getting cute workout clothes you can’t move in.

    • TheDailyShayla
      June 18, 2021

      Exactly! It’s even better when you can get all of that for an affordable price! 😀

  • Not-So-Modern-Girl
    June 17, 2021

    I love this post! My boyfriend wants me to come with him to the gym at some point this summer- so I know I’m going to need to invest in some proper gym wear x

    • TheDailyShayla
      June 18, 2021

      Oooo sounds like fun! I can’t wait to get back into going to the gym again. I hope my post was of some help x

  • Katrina
    June 19, 2021

    I haven’t tried any of these brands before! I once ordered a pair of leggings from Amazon and really liked them, but they were a bit too big.

    • TheDailyShayla
      June 29, 2021

      I’ve had that issue before! Guess it’s all about trial and error really- hope you’ve been able to find something better! 🙂

  • Hello Shayla! While buying activewear, its function is the top factor. Activewear might take longer to arrive at the stores due to late shipments and this blog is quite informative about where we can head towards for workout clothes. Thanks and keep sharing.

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