10 Gorgeous Protective Styles You’ll Want To Try This Winter 2021!

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I know, we are just getting over summer and none of us really want to face the fact that winter 2021 is coming. But she’s on her way and arriving much sooner than you think!
For us curly gurls, it is absolutely vital to make sure our natural hair remains protected throughout the colder months. Whilst snow in your fro might be the perfect addition to you insta feed, the cold temperatures can really suck out all of the moisture that natural hair needs to survive!
And don’t forget the hats and the scarves. They may look cute on, but all of that friction can be terrible for natural hair.

Protective Styles For Natural Hair

So, your best bet this winter would be to protect those beautiful curls with a protective style… or 2! Nothin wrong with switching it up and having your co workers mistaking you for someone else every time you change your hairstyle! (trust me, I know alllll about that).

Protective styles are excellent in ensuring that your hair will retain as much moisture and health as possible. As they require minimal manipulation, they keep your strands tucked away and make the winter much simpler for us naturals!

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Here are 10 amazing protective styles for natural hair that will keep your curly mane protected all winter long!

#1 Knotless Braids

When I think of protective styles for natural hair, braids are the first style that come to mind.
Knotless braids in particular definitely stand out as they are done in a way that ensures your natural hair isn’t under extra unnecessary stress. The knotless in knotless braids means that the little ‘knot’ of braiding hair you usually see at the root of the average box braid, is no more. That is less tension at the root; which is less breakage and healthy strong hair underneath… what a result!
What’s even better about this cute protective style is that it looks extremely natural.

They can last from 1- 2 months if done right and taken care of properly. That being said, if you workout and your hair gets frizzy and dirty fast, they are only one wash and a small tidy-up away from looking just like new!

#2 Box Braids/ Mini Braids (No Extensions)

If you want braids without the added weight of braiding hair, you can easily do the same box braids style with your natural hair alone. A very low maintenance style that you can style up or down as you please, these braids only need a little bit of product and some added patience to execute. Definitely a cute winter hairstyle that you have to try.

#3 Wigs

Nowadays, it can be difficult to tell whether someone is wearing a wig or not…they have become so popular and are done so so well! Black women especially have become quite the magicians when it comes to installing wigs and if laid correctly, you can easily fool your coworkers into thinking your hair grew overnight!

In terms of protecting your natural hair, all you have to do is a few flat cornrows and that’s it- as simple as that. You don’t have to worry about them for… well, until you’re ready to take them out and wash your hair. Talk about time saving!

#4 Jumbo Feed in Braids/Cornrows

This style is simple yet effective. Whilst braiding your hair back, these jumbo braids will keep your hair tucked in and protected.

Similarly to knotless braids, these braids look as natural as ever as the hair the braiding hair is gradually added throughout the braiding process.

Cornrows themselves may be more versatile than you think. You can change the parting, you can change the colour, the length, the size- they are never boring!

#5 Crochet

I bet this one caught you out didn’t it. It is clear to see that many natural women have had us fooled with crochet hairstyles!
As well as braids, locs, twists and many more, crochet can be done to give you pretty much any style you want- the possibilities are endless!

And that brings me onto…

#6 Faux Locs

Faux locs are excellent if you want locs without the pressure of committing to loc-ing your real hair forever!

This style can be done in 2 different ways. Crochet locs or ‘wrapping’ locs.

The beauty of crochet locs is, they are already done for you. All you have to do is section your hair into braids or cornrows, then attach the hair and boom you’re done! The manual way that involves wrapping the hair is a little more tedious but the end result is definitely worth the wait!

This style will also start to look better the older it gets- so don’t be afraid to keep them in a lil longer for a more natural look!

#7 Marley and Havana Twists

Named after Bob Marley, Marley Twists really rose to fame amongst black women in 2013 alongside Havana Twists.

By using Marley hair, which is pretty similar to a natural kinky hair texture, these twists will definitely look like they have grown from your own scalp! Marley twists are very easy to take care of and are pretty light on your shoulders. Similarly to the other styles listed here, this style is extremely versatile- whether you want them long, short, black or blue!

#8 Two Strand Twists

No extension hair needed, two strand twists are a beautiful style to keep your hair neat and protected. They are a bit of an easier option to the no extensions box braids mentioned earlier.

They are very easy to do and can last up to 3 weeks with little to no manipulation!

#9 Sleek Buns

This bun is very ‘wake up and go’. All you have to do is sleek that hair back into a bun and.. well, that’s it!
Once styled, as long as you are wrapping your hair at night (with a satin scarf I hope) to protect your natural hair and keep the style neat, you can rock this style all week!

It is important to make sure the bun itself isn’t too tight so you aren’t ending the week with a big ol’headache.

#10 Jumbo Cornrow Buns

This cute hairstyle is very easy for beginners and doesn’t require too much time nor precision. However you decide to part your hair you are then free to braid your cornrows as large as you’ll like them, depending on the look you are going for (The bigger the better I’d say).
Once the hair is braided back, just wrap it into a bun to protect those ends and you’re good to go.
This style would be perfect for work or school.

Natural hair is so versatile and with these styles, you can easily keep it protected whilst still looking cute! Which protective styles will you be trying this winter?

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