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My Quick And Easy Healthy Caramel Coffee

This Healthy Caramel Coffee is so easy to make and refined sugar free! It really tastes delicious without the sugary guilt! Perfect for busy parents, you’ll have yourself a cup of this healthy caramel coffee in no more than 3 minutes!

You may be thinking, healthy caramel coffee? That doesn’t sound possible! But trust me, it is.
Over the past few years, I have been running to healthier alternatives to improve my overall diet. As my daughter has been getting older, the interrupted sleep and temper tantrums means coffee may be the only thing to keep me alive at 8am!

Every morning I would make my coffee with a small amount of almond milk and stevia. That was until I decided to add the new ingredient that changed my life!

The secret is HONEY darling! Combined with almond milk and coffee, all 3 ingredients harmonise brilliantly together to create a nutty, caramel-y flavour!

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I can already see all the angry caramel experts screaming at their computer screens “That’s not real caramel” … I’m sorry ok, but once I tried this recipe, my tastebuds screamed “CARAMEL”- You really need to try it!

This recipe requires no brewing, so it’s perfect for my mamas out there that need their delicious caffeine fix for the day. And after all, I’m British- we don’t brew coffee around here!

Make this coffee whilst your lil one is eating breakfast or save it for a warm treat after they go to bed!

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All you need for this recipe is Instant coffee grounds (I use NESCAFÉ Gold Rich ), runny honey and a good splash of chilled almond milk!

How To Make My Quick and Easy Healthy Caramel Coffee:

  1. Start by boiling your water
  2. Add the coffee grounds and honey to your glass/mug (Make sure if you’re using a glass that it’s suitable for hot drinks! Amazon has a great selection here)
  3. Fill glass 1/2-3/4 of the way with boiling water
  4. Add in a splash of almond milk and enjoy!

This healthy caramel (and I use this term rather lightly) coffee recipe is just what any busy parent needs. You’ll be surprised how simple it is to achieve this delicious taste. It’s:

I will include the exact measurements I use every time to achieve that ‘caramel’ taste! You really can’t go wrong with this one.

Have you tried this recipe? Let me know in the comments if you can taste the caramel too! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

My Quick and Easy Healthy Caramel Coffee Recipe


Quick and Easy Healthy ‘Caramel’ Coffee

This quick and easy healthy caramel is perfect for busy parents. This recipe is so easy to make, you'd be a fool to not try it!
Course Drinks
Total Time 3 minutes
Servings 1


  • 1-2 tbs instant coffee grounds (honestly it's up to you how much you use)
  • Boiled water
  • 1 1/2 tbsp runny honey
  • almond milk


  • Start by boiling your water
  • Add instant coffee grounds and honey to your glass/mug
  • Fill glass/mug half-way with boiling water
  • Stir well until both honey and coffee have fully dissolved and incorperated
  • Splash in your almond milk (I prefer it chilled)
  • Enjoy!!


  • I recommend using instant coffee grounds with a stronger rich flavour, this really helps with the final result. I use NESCAFÉ Gold Rich
  • If you have a little more time, you could still make this with brewed coffee. Just add in the honey first, pour in your coffee and follow with the milk!
  • Prefer iced coffee? Just swap out the boiled water with cold water and dash in some ice cubes. 

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