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How To Stop Binge Eating Before It’s Too Late!

For many, binge eating is an addiction that leaves them painfully miserable and is often suffered in silence. If you find that you cannot resist the urges to indulge until you pop, you may have binge eating disorder. It can be hard to look elsewhere for help but don’t worry, now is time to regain control and stop binge eating!
As someone who has struggled with multiple eating disorders over the years, this post has hit awfully close to home. That being said, I am currently in a great place and want to share the life changing tips that have helped me get here!

What Is Binge Eating Disorder?

Binge eating disorder (BED) is a mental disorder that involves consuming a large amount of food in an extremely short period of time. It affects many people and is often triggered by stress and emotions.
A person with binge eating disorder will most likely pre-plan to eat in secret and find it difficult to actually stop the binge eating.
Believe it or not, you can still have an eating disorder and not be scarily underweight. In the case of BED, it normally leads to unwanted weight gain. After this weight-gain, it is common to want to lose the weight which keeps most people stuck in an endless binge restrict cycle.

Binge eating may also be paired with Bulimia Nervosa in attempt to reverse the ‘damage’ a binge has caused.

Here are some tips I have used to break that cycle and combat binge eating!

How To Stop Binge Eating!

1. Tell Yourself NO

This one is a personal favourite of mine, which is why it is No.1!
Imagine you are speaking to a young child, say NO, don’t do it! If you feel a binge coming on, remind yourself that you are better than that. As silly as you think it will sound, it really does work- It’s like snapping yourself out of the mental trance that is BED.

2. Distract Yourself

A great way to stop a binge is to distract yourself with something else.
As a mother there are tons of things I do, whether it be chores, an activity with my daughter, changing a stink nappy yadayadayada. Play a game, watch a tv show, anything that will get your mind off wanting to binge.


Did you know, the more you restrict yourself, the more you are likely to binge eat? Restriction is a form of punishment and it does not work for everyone. 
In order to combat the vicious binge and restrict cycle, you just have to take away the restriction completely. Eat in moderation, don’t be too harsh. If you want that doughnut, have it, be satisfied and move on!

4. Snack boxes To Satisfy Cravings

Do you have a sugar addiction that you can’t beat no matter how hard you try? Hear me out… Snack boxes! I originally saw this idea on @Weightloss_Beth‘s Instagram account and it has been the ultimate game changer for me.
This works especially well for people who keep track of their calorie intake. Fill a Tupperware container with your favourite chocolate bar or even a packet of crisps that you find hard to resist. This way, when you feel a craving coming on, you can satisfy that feeling whilst still being in control and avoiding a binge!

5. Workout

Despite the sweat and pain, workouts are a brilliant binge deterrent. A 30 minute workout will keep you busy, relieve a lot of stress and may just elevate your mood tremendously. I always feel much better after a workout and have never felt the desire to binge afterwards.
Why? Well that’s because regular exercise increases serotonin production whilst also releasing endorphins into the body- thus elevating your spirits. An elevated spirit = higher self esteem which gives you much less reason to binge.

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6. Drink More Water

The more I blog, the more I realise that water is practically a cure for everything!
Sometimes, dehydration can be mistaken for hunger. If you are feeling like you want to eat, try drinking some water and that urge may just go away.

7. Self Care To Reduce Stress

Stop binge eating by taking your mind off the idea of binge eating. Many people binge eat to fill an emotional void. The food acts as a form of comfort and you start to believe that you will feel better once you eat. A slight negative event may shift your mood entirely, cause low self-esteem and therefore reveal the perfect opportunity to binge.
The reality is, when you finish, you feel even worse than when you started. That’s why it is so so important to look after yourself and steer clear of things that may lead to stress, upset and so on.

Do things that make you happy and work towards avoiding as many negative thoughts as possible!
You can try:

Take time to focus on YOU!

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7. Listen To Music

As some of you may know, music is my life, I cannot live without it and have frequently used it to stop a binge! Sometimes, to overcome the strong desires to indulge, it may be helpful to pop your earphones in and drown out those urges.
Before you know it, you’ll be performing a whole concert in your room and that binge will be nothing but a distant memory.

9. Don’t Be afraid of Carbs

Don’t be afraid to eat carbs if you want to stop binge eating!!! When it comes to weight-loss and healthier lifestyles, we are often under the misconception that carbs should be omitted from our diets. But no, eating the right carbs (slow release carbs) will keep you much fuller for longer. That way, you will crave less and have more control over what you put into your mouth.
When I eat carbs for breakfast I am usually full until lunch and won’t feel like I need to snack in-between.

10. Talk To Someone

And lastly, it helps to use your voice! It can be such a relief to tell someone how you’re feeling or to even just have a general discussion as a form of distraction. Once you interact with other people, you’ll most definitely feel better for doing so! It may also be a good idea to consider therapy and get professional help if it is accessible to you.

You can stop Binge Eating Today!

Remember that you are strong and can do anything you put your mind to. It will be a long road but the destination is totally worth it.
Admittedly, some days may be harder than others. But remember that a single setback will not reset your entire journey- You’ve gotta keep going! 

With the help of these 10 tips, you can work towards once again having a positive relationship with food and regaining control over your body!
If you find you struggle with binge eating, or even if you have beat it entirely, share your experiences with me in the comments! Let’s learn to enjoy food and stop binge eating together!

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