How To Lose Fat and Build Muscle : My 4 Day Workout Split

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It’s finally here, the gym schedule you have all been waiting for! I’ve finally decided to share my 4 day workout split as I feel that I’ve been consistent enough to get to know it and pass it over to y’all.

My 4 Day Workout Split

I’m no expert nor personal trainer but when I say that these exercises right here have changed, and are still changing my body entirely! I have included a mix of weight training and cardio to create a perfect calorie burning, muscle building combo!

At first I was determined to workout 6 times a week, but the more I tried to be consisted, the less consistent I was! Soooo, I reduced it to 4 days and I’m very happy!
Setting realistic goals for yourself is always important. IF you set the bar too high, you’re more likely to give up.


Since the goal is to lose fat and build muscle, we need to incorporate a decent amount of cardio to burn those calories! Now, the cardio doesn’t need to be scrambling for air’ level intense but, I think at least 20 minutes per workout is good enough, right?

So what do I do?

To start my workout, I walk on a steady high incline for about 5-10 minutes (depending on how I’m feeling that day). Don’t be fooled by the word “steady”, you’ll be sweating buckets regardless, I assure you!

To end the workout, I’ll either walk on an incline again for another 10-15 minutes or spend that same time on the stair master.

Honestly, if you told me a few months ago that I’d be walking on the stair master for 15 minutes, FOUR times a week, I’d call you ridiculously insane! But practice makes perfect. Do as much as you can overtime to build up your strength and endurance. Then eventually who knows; you could make it to 30 minutes a day! Well that’s the goal at least…

So, let’s get into my 4 day workout split at the gym!

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Day 1- Glutes

If you’ve wanted to know how to grow your glutes, this gym routine right here is full of the best glute burning exercises to grow your booty. Especially those last 3 exercises, oh my goodness- the burn is REAL!

Day 2- Back and Biceps

Who knew that working your back and shoulders will make your waist look smaller! And who doesn’t like the look of a muscular back? The pain is totally worth it with this one.

Day 3- Legs

If your legs aren’t too sore from day 1, let’s goooo again! This targets the quads a lil too.
I have to say, always start light with the barbell squats. Quality over quantity- your form is the most important factor here.

Day 4- Cardio and HIIT

For some reason, I always really look forward to this day. It’s just something about HIIT that gets me excited.

And we’ve reached the end of my 4 day workout split. The is the perfect weekly workout schedule for women and will snatch you in all the right places.

I’d be lying to each and every one of you if I said I have been completely consistent, but as of now, I’m back on track and stronger than ever. I’m not perfect and I’ve still got a way to go, but I’m so happy with how far I’ve come.
I’d love to know whether you try my 4 day workout split. So don’t be afraid to drop me a comment below letting me know how you found it or have any further questions!

Here’s to consistency folks! See you in the next one.

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