My 5 Favourite Natural Hair Products of 2019!

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Admittedly, as a person with low porosity hair, it can be quite… nope, ridiculously difficult to find natural hair products that work well for me! I have undoubtably spent HUNDREDS on hair products and in most cases, was left with a crispy mess which I had no idea how to deal with.

Living in London, I’m lucky enough to be in an area where black hair shops are literally all over the place but finding the right moisturising products for my hair would seem practically impossible when I didn’t know what I was looking for.

If you’re like me you dread wash day, and I mean dreaaaaaad! There is nothing that sounds any less appealing to me than spending a whole hour or more, detangling the bird nest that lay on my head! My arms ached, my clothes were drenched and I wasn’t about that life.

How could it be that I spent so long on my hair but it could never be kind enough to co-operate!?

However over the years I realised my issue was not in fact my hair, but my routine and the products I used- and it wasn’t until just recently I had discovered the best way to retain the moisture in my hair.

So, as the end of the year is in sight, I want to reflect over the 5 products that changed my life this year and share them with anyone who finds that they may be in the same predicament as I was!

( PS: I would link every product listed buttttt, you know how expensive it is to buy natural hair products online- so keep a lookout during your next hair-shop visit!)

natural hair products

1- Creme of Nature- Moisture Replenish & Strength Hair Mask

Now when I say this was my favourite, I mean this was my absolute favourite affordable hair mask of the year!
After forking out on fancy products trying to find the deep conditioner/hair mask that worked the best for me, little did I know, the product of my dreams was sitting on the shelf with a measly £6 price tag! (I know this still may sound quite pricey to some, but compared to some other products, this was a major steal).
Not only did this product leave my hair feeling soft and full of moisture, but my type 4 curls popped like never before!
If you have low porosity hair, I recommend you use this with a little heat to maximise your results.

natural hair products

2- AS I AM- Long & Luxe Strengthening Shampoo ​

Up until a few months ago, I was nearly ready to forget about shampoo completely until I found this product!
It smells great, it lathers great, and my hair feels healthy and cleansed by the time I’m finished shampooing. It certainly does exactly what it says on the tin as it is a ‘Hydrating Hair Wash’ and my hair didn’t feel dry nor stripped- perfect for low porosity hair.
The first thing I noticed when going to use this shampoo was the delicious fruity smell. I could definitely sit and smell their gorgeous combination of pomegranate and passion fruit allll day!
A little sure does go a long way so no need to worry about buying a new bottle too soon.

natural hair product

3- Palmer’s- Coconut Oil: Super Control Gel

If you need some ‘SUPER CONTROL’ for your edges, then this is the product for you,!
For my people with type 4 hair, you’ll understand me when I say, MY EDGES NEVER STAY DOWN!
This gel is thick and strong enough to tame my frizzy baby hairs and has never let me down. The coconut oil in this gel allows it to be moisturising and add a lovely shine to your hair, who doesn’t want a bit of extra moisture eh!?

natural hair products

4- Curls- Blueberry Bliss: Twist-N-Shout Cream

This is definitely not called blueberry bliss for nothing, it smells absolutely delicious!
If you know me, you’ll know I love a good ol’ braid/twist out and this cream gives me the best braid outs like.. ever! I had tried one other product from this line and wasn’t too impressed, so was sceptical about buying this.
Yet, Curls have created a cream that is great for retaining moisture for days on end and really, I can’t recommend it enough!
The price is on the higher end but I assure you, it is certainly worth it sis 😛

natural hair products

5- Shea Moisture- Strenghten & Restore Treatment Masque

I think I have finally found the holy grail of deep conditioners!!! LOL
Ok Ok, so I know I previously said the Creme of Nature mask was my favourite, but hear me out when I say this is a veeery close 2nd! (The only thing wrong about this product is the price- retailing at £10.99).
I had in fact found this ‘Masque’ last year although I had to include it as it still keeps my curls poppin to THIS day.
This mask is perfect for low porosity hair, the moment you put it on, your hair feels nourished!
The slip with this product is also great, I mean, I could actually detangle my hair without tugging half of it out- it was brilliant!
so if you’re ever in need of treating yourself, buy the conditioner!

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