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My Heavy Rotation- My Favourite Songs in August 2020

What’s up guys, I’m back again with another heavy rotation post- I told y’all I was gonna make this a regular thing!

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But Shayla, why does this month only feature 6 songs, last month you shared 7!!?! (haha, how dramatic am I!?) But in all honesty, for what felt like the first time in my life, I hadn’t been listening to as much music as usual! Between travelling and being generally busy, I just didn’t have the time to open my Spotify as often as I would’ve liked. Do not worry though, normality has been restored and I’m jamming to some tunes as I type this!

My Favourite Songs in August 2020

So August eh, this month was a mishmash of genres once again but if you read last month’s post, you’ll know that’s how I like it.
There are quite a few new songs in this post, mostly by artists I had already known of before- but who doesn’t like new music!?
As someone who is definitely guilty of listening to the same songs from the early 2000’s on repeat for the entirety of my life, I have been trying my best to keep up to date with new releases.

But without further ado, let’s get into it

1- Kennie- Clarity

Or Kenniejd as you may know her. I have been watching her videos for quite a few years now and yet, I was totally unaware she made music. I’m so glad I found this song though as it’s really giving me a 90’s/early 2000’s vibe.
Admittedly, this song was only released at the end of the month but I think I have listened to it way more than the other songs on this list… can you tell I am absolutely in love with it!? The harmonies, the beat, the lyrics- I can appreciate good music when I hear it and I know this one will be on repeat for a while.

2- 21 Savage- ASMR

If Maya were to read this right now, she would say “But you’ve been listening to this since last year Mummy”. And she wouldn’t be wrong, I have been listening to this since December or even before that! But in August it was definitely on repeat more than usual!
I’m not a fan of those ASMR videos, in fact, loud chewing is probably my biggest pet hate. And don’t even get me started on those “Caring Boyfriend ASMR” videos…. YUCK.
Now saying that, I don’t have a problem with 21 savage whispering in my ear- so that’s that! Go listen to it!

3- t+pazolite – ヒミツCULT (Himitsu CULT)

He’s back again with another bangerrr!
I really need to go and see one of his sets live because I can’t help but DANCE. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that I would be going there alone as I am yet to meet someone who likes his music. (Let me know if you like t+pazolite… please… someone!!)

What I love about t+pazolite the most is that his music is very sample based which is really unique to him!
It’s the oontz oontz oontz for meee.

4- Bbno$ ft Lentra – Imma

The last song I listened to by these two, I played so many times till I was absolutely sick of it- sooooo, I had high expectations! This song really really did not disappoint and the video? I expected NOTHING less from bbno$, but I’ll let y’all watch that in your own time!

5- Unlike Pluto- No Scrubs ft. Joanna Jones

Does this song still count if most of the repeats have come from a 15 second segment on TikTok? I feel like I have watched every TikTok made with this sound!

Ok, but for real, I fell in love with this song on that god forsaken app (I am addicted to it) and have listened to it at least once a day since!
A lot of the time, if I like the original song, it will be very easy for me to fall in love with the cover and that’s definitely what happened here. I really like the overall vibe and Joanna’s voice is amazing!

And that’s the end of that! This month has been full of new music which is totally different to the throwbacks in last month’s post.

Wait a minute… where’s number 6??




you were gonna get to the end of this list without seeing this final song did you!?

6- Cardi B – WAP ft. Megan Thee Stallion

This is a family blog so we not gonna go into detail with this one, ok guys!?😅
But I’m sure you’ve all heard this before, I mean, who hasn’t!? If you’re coming from Spotify, you may know this as “wet and gushy” for reasons I do not know at all- that sounds just as bad no?
They even had the nerve to sensor Cardi’s description of the uvula… We all know what a uvula is and there were waaay more things to be censoring!

But in all seriousness, this song is super catchy, naughty lyrics aside. This was really the collaboration we’ve all been waiting for!

Ok, now I’m done for real. As usual this post was all over the place but if you gonna be staying here… get used to it!! 🙂

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