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My Heavy Rotation- My Favourite Songs in September 2020

Hello hello hello, welcome back to another heavy rotation post!!!

September was really the month of women for me! I didn’t even realise that all the songs I’ve had on repeat for the past few weeks have all been by women. And well, as one myself, I couldn’t be happier- honestly!

So sit back, relax, get a cup of tea- whatever you like! Get ready to discover some awesome new music from a list of my favourite songs!

My Favourite Songs of September 2020

1- Ashnikko- Daisy

I can’t get this song out of my HEAD!

I actually follow Ashnikko on instagram and she had frequently posted bts images from the making of this video, but it never occurred to me to actually go and listen to it!
Oh how I wish I made that decision sooner. It was in fact TikTok that I had discovered the snippet that I fell in love with (surprise surprise).
I think my usage of this app is becoming a full on addiction, but if it means I will find great music every month, then I’m not complaining!

This song really is the scorpio anthem, “I’m crazy but you like that” Damn right!, Ashnikko- how did you know!?

2- Doja Cat- Tia Tamera ft. Rico Nasty

From the start of this song, I knew I was gonna love it- have you heard the beat!? I’m not going to lie, after all of her drama I was worried I was going to be judged for liking this Doja Cat song, but it is just way too good not to share with you.
She has probably done wonders for Tia and Tamera’s career with this one! In fact, Doja makes plenty more references throughout the song, it’s pretty clever if you ask me.

To think of it, I’ve never thought of naming my breasts, how does Tom and Jerry sound? LOL

3- Bea Miller- THAT BITCH

The melody, the lyrics, this song has it all!
It’s one of those songs that really sticks in your head- almost like a nursery rhyme… but this song is definitely not for children! (if the title wasn’t a big enough clue!)
After probably replaying this for the 100th time, it slowly started to become the soundtrack of my life. No but really, this song is super empowering for women (sorry guys), you have to listen to it, now!

4- Rosalia- Malemente

After binging La Casa de Papel and Elite in a very unhealthy amount of time during the summer, I gathered a new found love for Spanish music!
In Elite especially, every episode featured great Spanish music during the opening titles.
I think this is where I first heard Malamente- I remember searching it up and saving it on YouTube ‘watch later’ list.

It was actually only last month that I listened to it again. My mum was watching Michaela Coel’s ‘I may Destroy You‘ (great show by the way!) and I heard Malamente playing, I immediately thought “I know this song”!
Admittedly I had only recognised the tune and scoured my YouTube playlists for clues until I found it…The rest is history! I’ve had it on repeat ever since.
The beat is really my favourite element of this song, Rosalias voice being an extremely close second. Who knew you could make such a fire track with clapping as the main component!?
I’ve said before how much I love elements of uniqueness and this song has just that! Probably why it became so popular eh?

5- From Batla House- O Saki Saki

You see, I don’t know much about Bollywood other than the exaggerated amount of effects used for ultimate DRAMA! If you ever thought Nollywood was bad, I think Bollywood may just be the Tiffany Pollard of film!

Anyway, we’re not here to talk about the movies and I won’t bore you with how I actually found this song (it was TikTok… again). I however, am very happy that I did and I’m quite excited to share this one with you all!
This is probably the first Indian song that I have really fallen in love with, unless you want to count that one song ft. Jay Z, cmon, I’m sure you knooow the one I’m talking about!

Do I know what they’re saying? absolutely not, but I can still appreciate a good song when I hear one!
As well as enjoying the song itself, I was hypnotised by Nora Fatehi and her moves, that woman can really dance (just watch the video)!

6- Fousheé- Deep End

I’m think we’ve all heard the viral song this samples on. Little did I know that the original song is, dare I say… so much better!!

Fousheé’s voice is so addictive, like butter (huhh?)- I can’t explain it but I love it! I thank Spotify once again for allowing me to discover such a great song.


There you have it, my favourite songs of September 2020.
You see, women are great, aren’t they!? I really suggest you check out all of the women I’ve mentioned in this post as they are all super talented and amazing at what they do.

Don’t forget to check out last month’s post too!

What tunes did you have on repeat last month? Be sure to let me know in the comments, I always love to know what others are listening to these days!

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