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My Goals For The Near And Far Future

Hello all, I hope you’re well! Miss me? Well I know it’s only been a week but it feels like I was gone forever! This mama had to get her ish together because I felt like I was spiralling out of control!

To be fair, I probably go through this at least once a month, but I’ve told y’all already, I’m a drama queen!

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As I’ve said many times before, I like to challenge myself… or put myself through unnecessary torture, which ever way you wanna put it. In simple terms, I like to take too much on at once…or at least I try to- okay I’m losing my train of thought here!

Y’kno those nights, it’s 3am and you randomly get the urge to get yourself together!? Well every time I have one of those moments, I’m probably left with a list of things I wasn’t even capable of fulfilling prior to my current full time occupation as a mother!!

That being said, I took this week to really evaluate what I want to achieve now and before the end of the year. I got my BUJO out again, wiped the dust off (because I haven’t written in that poor book since about August 1st!) and I started writing.

Plan My Goals with me

1- Things For Maya To Do

For months, I have been adding the occasional pin to my ‘Things for Toddlers to do’ Pinterest board, yet have only completed 2 activities with Maya, if that!
I have been feeling really bad about it as I think, if she were at nursery she would probably be doing much more.

So now is my time to do more.

I would like to pick out something new from the board every few days to keep Maya stimulated and busy. Sure, reading, jumping on the trampoline and going to the park is fun- but I would like to introduce her to new things, keep her mind constantly busy n all.

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2- Create a Blogging Schedule and STICK TO IT

Blogging is something I would like to take much more seriously! As much as the occasional post is nice, I would really like to engage more with you all- that’s one of my biggest goals!

I promised myself to post at least twice a week but I always fall behind. Why? Not only because of my hectic need to do everything at once, but also because I haven’t created some kind of schedule to follow!

This week I have added a page in my BUJO to try and structure all of my blogging tasks day by day. I hope with this, I and you guys will see some improvement in my organisation skills on here.

3- Finish Painting my Bedroom

I’ve gotten to a point where the hot pink colour left on my walls is making me feel queasy.
Imagine waking up every morning and all you see is pink! I do love pink- I mean… you’ve seen my blog right!? Don’t get me wrong, but something about this colour has been driving me absolutely crazy!

So, as summer drew to a close, I chose to take on the task of revamping my small bedroom and attempting to make it a place I am both proud of and enjoy being in.

Before I moved everything around, my goal was to paint the walls in about 3 days!
With a child, it is important to choose when to paint strategically (can’t have my baby getting high off ‘Ivory Spray‘, hell no)!!
The paint I chose is water based and low in VOC so the smells weren’t strong and the paint dried much quicker. I also made sure to only paint a single wall or so at a time! If you choose to paint too late, the fumes may be too strong for the child to sleep in the (well ventilated) room at night and can cause harm to them if they do.

Don’t you worry, I had my window wide open and the fan on full blast for the whole day! Only thing I could smell was probably the paint splattered in my nostrils.. do you know how much hard work painting is!? I really underestimated the whole process.

Anyway, with all that info aside, here we are today and I still have about a wall and a half to finish. I would really like to get that done ASAP so my room can finally feel complete… and also so I don’t have to see that god awful colour again.
(blog post will be on it’s way… when I get off my ass and finish painting these walls)

4- Make More Music

I would like to open Logic Pro again… I neeeeeed to open Logic Pro again! Not only because I’m paying a monthly subscription for a plugin I barely use, but also because I have the urge to get creative again. I have so many project ideas yet have had such little motivation. Well it’s time to change that Shayla!

The last track I made was so fun to put together.
Honestly, I don’t even know if this makes sense but I find with some of my favourite music, I listen to it and think, how the hell did they come up with that!?
After listening to my track for the first time a few months later, I was really thinking the same thing.
The process of making something unique is so fun to me and long story short, I wanna express myself through my music more.

Bit of a convoluted way to explain things but I hope y’all got what I was saying.
Watch this space!

5- Get My Violin Out

I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with TwoSetViolin but they are very known for telling their fans to… practice! It’s pretty much a meme at this point but there is some serious truth in it- in order to be good at anything, you need to practice!

Every time I watch one of their videos, or any instrument related video for that matter, it makes me feel bad! It makes me feel bad because I just know my violin has been feeling lonely and cold in these recent months.

Looking back, I was remembering something that happened after one of my performance recitals in the final year of uni. Now I can’t quite remember whether I was still pregnant or a new mother at that point, but my pianist said to me “make sure you continue playing”. My immediate response was “ofcourse, I don’t think I could ever stop!”, but that was before I realised how demanding being a new mother could be!
Although I’m nearly 2 years in and have found time to play occasionally, it was way too easy for me to stop playing as often as I used to.

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I have been playing the violin for over 15 years now (I can’t believe it’s been this long!!) and I really feel as though something is missing from my life right now. My goal for the future is to play Tarintini’s Devil’s Trill Sonata to an audience one day… so yeah, I really gotta get my practice on again!


And that’s it…for now at least! I really hope I’m able to keep on top of my game for the next few months so I can enter 2021 with bigger goals in sight!
What are your current goals? Let me know in the comments below!

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