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My Intense 7 Day Workout Schedule (Perfect during Lockdown)

With the UK in our second lockdown of the year, most of us are having to settle for home workouts! My 7 day workout schedule is perfect for those who can’t take a trip to the gym.

As you all know, I’m a mother, so Im gonna be honest in saying that it wasn’t like I really had time to go to the gym anyway… But you know… it’s the fact that I no longer have the choice that hurts the most.

So… with the gyms closed there’s only really that one solution- finding ways to workout outside and at home!
Other than when I went to the gym in uni, I’ve been working out at home for as long as I can remember- my love for fitness has definitely stemmed from home workouts and I have been able to see great results with use of online resources!

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Where To Find Home Workouts

The internet is a great place to find home workouts, they are absolutely everywhere! Since the pandemic, plenty of fitness influencers have been popping up, posting more and more content each day. The main places I find my home workouts for my 7 day workout schedule are:

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Don’t I look absolutely ravishing!?

Do I Need Equipment?

Equipment is not a complete must and it is very possible to workout on a rug in your front room(and that’s me speaking from experience). But, depending on how hard you wish to work, eventually weighted exercises may just be what you need- especially if you are unable to go to your local gym. These are the items that I find are able to provide the most sufficient workouts without spending hundreds on gym equipment!

Listen to my October 2020 Workout Playlist here!


Alongside my 7 day workout schedule, for the best results, I try and take nutrition pretty seriously… And that’s extra emphasis on try! Throughout the week, I focus on:

My 7 Day Workout Schedule

Focus Points For My 7 Day Workout Schedule

Here is a list of things I try to focus on when planning my 7 day workout schedule. My schedule doesn’t always go to plan so it’s best to know what my goals are for the week.








And there you have it, my 7 day workout schedule. Do you workout at home and if so, what is your current weekly workout schedule? Let me know in the comments below!

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