16 Random Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

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Hello hello!!
In attempts to have you guys get to know me a little better, I have decided to start writing shorter posts, more personal posts here and there. So what better way to get to know me than with a lil ‘random things about me’!
The main purpose for starting this blog was to share my journey – as I’m sure you could probably guess from the name- yet, I’m starting to realise that the blog is becoming less and less about me.
In fact, I have recently felt such a disconnect with blogging anything entirely, so it’s time to change that! It’s time for me to connect with everyone properly and let you know who I am.

know about me- ME

So let’s start with something simple, here are 16 completely and totally random things you probably didn’t know about me:

16 random things you probably didn’t know about me

  1. I am an extreme over thinker. If we had a conversation in the last few days, chances are… I’m still thinking about it today.
  2. I have been playing the violin for 17 years. Yes that’s right, 17 whole years!
  3. I am self taught in Japanese… even though I’m still pretty bad at it *cries*
  4. I am half Nigerian and half Jamaican. Aka; regularly uncertain as to whether I should tick Black British Caribbean or Black British African… when the form says I can only tick ONE!
  5. I can’t stand the taste of honey, I can just about use it to cook- I don’t know why it’s so disgusting to me.
  6. I was a big Filthy Frank/ Pink guy fan a long long loooooong time ago.
  7. I have recently rekindled my love for Kpop and frequently learn new dance routines. Keep an eye out, I may just post one soon!
  8. I have one tattoo on my wrist and 9 piercings.
  9. I have always wanted to be a YouTuber or some other sort of content creator. Back when I was in school I used to create stop motion music videos. Imagine a poorly edited video of me lip-syncing the words to We R Who We R By Ke$ha…just don’t ask to see it- not gonna HAPPEN!
  10. I was pregnant during my 2nd and 3rd years of uni and even had to do a few of my violin performance exams whilst sitting down!
  11. I used to be obsessed with the game OSU and still play it occasionally. I once downloaded it onto every Sixth-form computer that I used and played it at any chance. Most people called me a nerd, I called it ‘using my time efficiently’ haha!

    Check out a video of me playing!
  1. I always do my own hair, I’m too scared to let anyone else do it for me.
  2. My guilty pleasure is watching Hollyoaks whilst I cook.
  3. I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate flavoured things. I’d take strawberry or vanilla over chocolate any day of the week!
  4. I love to sing but I’m too shy to sing in-front of anyone other than my daughter. My dream is to produce and sing my own song one day.
  5. Most kids want normal high paying jobs when they’re younger- doctors, nurses, engineers…but not me! I’ve always found myself pretty hilarious and I wanted to be a comedian back in Primary school.

So there you have it, 16 random things about me that you didn’t ask for, but you now know. Did anything from this list surprise you? Let me know in the comments below and share something random about yourself!

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  • CristinaR
    March 18, 2021

    I love reading more about the person behind the blog! Over thinker over here too! I started learning Japanese too and then left it and now trying Korean, which hopefully will be more long term! Thanks for sharing x

    • TheDailyShayla
      March 21, 2021

      Like you with Japanese, I tried learning a few years ago but ended up abandoning it! I wish you success in your Korean learning journey!

  • sejal
    March 18, 2021

    Ahhh, you’re so pretty. I’m with you on overthinking too haha! But not on the honey and chocolate, I love them both. I’m with you the cringy old content, I used to post music.ly videos, and I can’t stand to watch them anymore. I love reading more about people, especially when they create content I like reading. Thanks for sharing Shayla!

    • TheDailyShayla
      March 21, 2021

      Aw Thankyou so much! I was never on music.ly but posting equally cringe content on tiktok these days LOL! I’m super glad to hear that, thanks for stopping by 😀

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