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8 Amazing Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Having a small bedroom really means you’re going to need to get real creative with ways to store all of your belongings.
It is very easy to be swamped by clutter in a small bedroom so it’s super important to be on top of your small bedroom storage game!

I know, having the smaller room sucks! But with the help of these hacks, you will be one step closer to turning that tiny room into a cosy lil space you won’t ever want to leave!

So here are some of my favourite small bedroom storage ideas that allowed me to maximise the space in my tiny room.

My Top 8 Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

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#1 Organise Those Drawers

Let me tell you, nothing takes up more space than an unorganised drawer. As quick and easy it is to just stuff all of your…stuff in, you are really missing the opportunity to utilise the space to its fullest potential!

KonMari Folding Technique

Let’s start with something simple and FREE!
If you have Netflix, I’m pretty sure you have come across ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’. I remember when it first came out, it was pretty hard to miss it on the front page!
Marie Kondo became super popular for her methods of organisation and most famously, the way she folds clothes.
The KonMari folding technique folds clothes in a way that allows you to stand them vertically. How cool and simple is that?

I’m sure you can imagine how much extra space that will create inside your drawers. You could probably fit in double the amount of clothes with this method than with what you did before!

I’m certain that this technique will spark some joy within you every time you find yourself searching for an outfit. 🙂

Drawer Dividers

Another way to maximise space in your drawers- whether it be clothes or beauty products- is to use drawer dividers to keep them organised!

Now now, you don’t have to fork out on pricey dividers as I am very aware, if you have multiple drawers, it can all add up!

A cheaper alternative would be popping down to Poundland (or any discount store) and picking up a few plastic organising trays- they fit very well in all drawers!

OR, a simple small cardboard box and/or empty containers will work just as well if money is tight.
My favourites to use are empty clean food containers and shoe boxes (cut in half).

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#2 Keep Things Neat With Over Door Storage

Via Amazon

Over door storage has become quite the life saver for me, especially when it comes to all of my daughters things.
I never quite knew where to store her changing items, so this discreet solution was very helpful!

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Not only is it useful for mothers like me, but it is also the perfect answer for those with the need to store everything that doesn’t really have a ‘place’.
I’d also recommend storing everyday makeup items and/or beauty products as they are incredibly easy to access from one of these!

#3 The Mirror Of Secrets

via Wayfair

So, you have tons of jewellery lying around but you’re running out of ideas on where to store it.
Why not invest in a standing cabinet!? But not just any ordinary cabinet, how about a full length mirror that opens up to reveal all your hidden items!?

Everyone wants a mirror in their room but they do take up a lot of space! So it can only be right to purchase one that provides extra storage to make space in your small bedroom!

Hey, you can even throw in a few essential beauty products in there too- so that way you can get ready for the day all in one place!

#4 Under Bed Storage

Under bed storage is one of my favourite methods to maximise the space in my small bedroom as everything is well hidden.

Purchasing a bed frame with drawers will be sure to provide you with all the extra space you need!
My bed currently has 2 drawers underneath and they contain everything from summer clothes to my daughters old baby things.
This is great for extra clothing storage if you don’t have space for a chest of drawers in your small room!

You can use this space for just about anything and no-one will see what’s inside (unless you open it of course).

#5 Floating shelves

Via Wayfair

Floating shelves are perfect for displaying plants, books and even candles.
Not only are they perfect for the typical stylish minimalist, they are also great for parents who’s children can’t keep their hands off their valuable items!

I would recommend sticking anything hazardous up on these shelves, away from lil one’s reach!

#6 Forget a Wardrobe, Get a Clothing Rail

Via Amazon

Buying a clothing rail was one of the best things I could do for my small room. Not only did it save space and come with 2 layers of shelving, but it also made my room look so much bigger.

Wardrobes are very practical but they can make a room look and feel cramped! So what better way to utilise your space than stylishly showcasing your clothes on a clothing rail.

#7 Storage Cubes

Via Argos

If you’re anything like me, you will have a lot of stuff that you just can’t part with. Bags, wires, accessories, you name it.

I’m no hoarder but sometimes, there just isn’t one single place to put everything!

Now, I have a box for all of those individual categories and more. I’m able to store them on top of my clothing rail and it has my room looking super neat and organised!

Foldable storage cubes are a lightweight answer to all of your problems and provide you with somewhere to put those miscellaneous items.

#8 Invest in a Bedside Cabinet, NOT a Table!

Whilst re-doing my bedroom, I made the decision not only to purchase a bedside table, but a bedside drawer cabinet! Who doesn’t love extra drawers!?

As well as your bedside necessities you can store books, magazines, snacks, electrical items or (anything you want really) in this cabinet, it is all up to you!

Stick a plant and a lamp on top, then you’re good to go!

What are your small bedroom storage hacks?

So that’s it, my 8 favourite small bedroom storage hacks!
Let me know in the comments below if you are currently using any of these small bedroom storage ideas or any others I haven’t mentioned!

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