40+ Hottest Summer Nail Designs To Try In 2021

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Barbecues, tan lines and good vibes. Summer is finally on its way!
So it’s time to match those good summer vibes and get a great set of summer nails this year (or maybe 3).

I’m all for expressing yourself and I think nails are a great way to do this- despite not wanting to always follow trends, there are so many summer nail trends in 2021 that have stolen my heart!
With there being plenty of summer nail designs that I am bursting to try, it was only right that I shared them all with you guys!

What Are The Summer Nail Trends 2021?

Trends come and go but I know we are all eager to know what is in in 2021! We’ve seen French manicures stay popular year after year, but what other summer nail designs are hot this time round?

  • Swirls: Well, we’ve all been a sucker for swirls lately. The asymmetrical patterns have rumbled up a storm online and rightfully so! Paired with a variety of bright colours, these fun nails are being seen absolutely everywhere!
  • Bold Colours: Who wouldn’t want their nails to be the first thing people notice!? They’re even better when each nail is different! Rainbow vibes!!
  • Fruity Inspired: Fruity nails are just so cute! They remind me of miniature doll houses.
  • Butterflies: Complete a set with some dainty butterflies. I’m in love with how cute they look on nails.
  • Marble: This design is so elegant and put together. Every marbled nail design I’ve seen looks so realistic!

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the hottest summer nail designs pinterest pin

The Hottest Summer Nail Designs

Here are the 40+ hottest summer nail designs of 2021! I managed to get most of my inspiration from Pinterest and all of these photos and more can be found on my Pinterest Board!
Don’t forget to bookmark this post and share it with your favourite nail tech at your next appointment!

Swirly Summer Nail Designs

Wanna know a secret? Swirly nails are so in this year. There are so many patterns and colours to experiment with making nails like these to die for!
These super trendy swirl nail patterns are definitely one of the most popular summer nail designs of 2021!

Pink Candy Swirls

Instagram: @nonakednails_

Wavy Yellow

Instagram: @thehotblend

Summery Swirls

Instagram: @sarahsgelnails

Brown Wavy Hearts

Instagram: @rosiesnailwerk

Dots & Swirls

Instagram: @nails.by.zo_

Almond Pink and Purple Swirls

Instagram: @nails_and_soul

Pastel Asymmetric Square Nails

Instagram: @gelsbybry

Tripple Swirl

Instagram: @nailsbydaovo

Ocean Inspired Summer Nail Designs

You can’t get much more summer than the sea! These ocean inspired nails will automatically transport you to your favourite Summer locations.

Ocean Tips

Instagram: @safinailstudio

Swirly blue waves

Instagram: @_beautbybee

Under the Sea

Instagram: @zack_pn

Fruity Summer Nail Designs

Get a lil sweetness in your life with these fruity nail designs!

Instagram: @princesschan.nails

Feelin’ Peachy

Instagram: @elxlu.boutique

Watermelon & Kiwi Nails

Instagram: @kangannynails

Glossy Cherry Nails

Instagram: @staypolished91

Pink Drink

I just had to say something about this set- isn’t it gorgeous!? These Starbucks inspired nails give me ultimate summer vibes. Match with your favourite Starbucks refresher and have the freshest nails out of all your friends.

Instagram: @iceymilli

Solid Colour Summer Nail Designs

Solid colours don’t have to be boring! Mix and match with different colours and textures- matte or shine, which do you prefer?

Matte Rainbow

Instagram: @thenailestco

Reverse French Tip

Source: Twitter

Shades of Yellow

Source unknown

Neon Colours

Instagram: @victoriaoliviaxo

Marbled Summer Nail Designs

Marble nails can make anything simple look expensive. They are the perfect elegant touch for summer 2021

Purple Marble Nails

Instagram: @will_nails

Long Rose Quartz

Source unknown

Emerald n gold

Instagram: @zack_pn

Marbled Summer Colours

Instagram: @_beautbybee

Summer Refresher

Instagram: @nailsby_evon

Ombre Summer Nail Designs

Ombre nails have been popular for a while now and are perfect for those unable to stick to just one colour. They are the perfect blend between two or more colours and are a stylish way to completely transform your set.

Beach Ombre

Source unknown

As soon as I saw these nails, I was transported to a sandy beach, letting the aqua blue ocean waves hit my toes. Aaah, these nails are making me so excited for the holidays!

Vertical Ombre Louis Vuitton

Instagram: @nails_by_annabel_m

Simple Summery Colours Ombre

Instagram: @zack_pn

Palm Tree Bliss

Instagram: @vee_nailedit

Gold n Glitter

You can’t go wrong with a bit of sparkles and shine here, there and everywhere. With a dash of glitter, these will be sure to make you stand out wherever you go! Get the boujee look.

Glitter And Lime

Instagram: @naglargoteborg

Add a coconut to these lime nails and you’ll have the perfect combination this summer.

Jelly hearts

Source unknown

Floral Summer Nail Designs

During the warmer months, who doesn’t love fresh flowers!? Enjoy some beautiful flowers all summer long with these floral designs. These bright and beautiful colours will be sure to add some happiness to your summer.

Flowery French Tips

Instagram: @alyshanailartist

Nude And Simple Flower Print

Source unknown

Floral Accent Nail

Instagram: @topcoatnailbarsj

Neon Flowers

Instagram: @amanda.sudolll


Instagram: @by_j0nny

3D Flowers

Instagram: @elize_nails

Themed Nails

These nails aren’t for the faint hearted. Bold and unique themes are a great way to go if you love to stand out from the crowd.

Red Dragon Accent Nail

Instagram: @kazmiraemery

Melted Gummy Bears

Instagram: @narinanails

Up In The Clouds

Source unknown

We love pink over here so why not try some pink clouds too!

Source unknown

Short French Butterflies

Instagram: @mannacured

Simple Purple Smiley Faces

The Care bears

Source: Cbdnails143

Pink Butterflies

Instagram: @nadiaa_o

Pink Hello Kitty Nails

Instagram: @femi.beauty

Power Puff Girls

Instagram: @femi.beauty

Honey Bee Nails

Instagram: @sindy.jean

There you have it, 40+ hottest summer nail designs for 2021. Which ones were your favourite? Will you try any of these out? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

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