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My Heavy Rotation: The Ultimate K-Music Workout Playlist Of November 2020

Hey guys, so I’m sure you can see from the title of this post that November was all about K-music! I briefly mentioned in the last post that my love for K-music had been revived and it’s still going strong!- Hence the k-music workout playlist!
After listening to BlackPink countless times on YouTube, I was then recommended by the algorithm to watch a ‘Try Not To Sing Challenge– K-pop edition’. Now if you don’t know what that is, it’s where various popular songs are played back to back and it’s your challenge to try and not sing a single word!

The first video I clicked on was full of classics and of course, I was very familiar with the majority of them- I couldn’t help but sing along. They brought back so many great memories of when life was simpler. Before I knew it, it was 3am and I was knees deep into about 2 hours worth of these videos.

A few of them had a good mix of old and new and some of them had music I had never heard of before. This was to be expected since I hadn’t listened to K-pop in so long, but it was such a brilliant opportunity to catch up and discover new music to add to my k-pop playlist!

So without further ado… this is ‘The Ultimate K-music Workout Playlist Of November 2020’! It’s the perfect mixture of older and new k-music to get you through your workout.

Oh, and click here for the Spotify playlist. Don’t forget to add it to your favourites and follow me for monthly playlists!!

My Top 20 K-Music Workout Playlist

1. Mamamoo- Dingga

So let me start this off with saying, I think I have become the ultimate Mamamoo Stan in the space of a few weeks. The more you read this post, the more you’ll see why I say that- I can’t get enough of them! This song is Maya’s personal favourite and not a day has gone by where she hasn’t asked me to “watch Dingga Dingga”. She even tries to copy the dances, it’s so CUTE! The lyrics are just as adorable, I mean, drink like a like a fish? I love it!
This song is definitely a bit of fun and makes the best upbeat start to any workout!

2. Dream Catcher- Scream

The drop was what really caught my attention with this song, it’s so addictive.
I must admit, I don’t know much about Dream Catcher but they are so different and I love that about them.

3. Mamamoo- Hip

I think this was the song that made me fall in love with Mamamoo, Hwasa especially! I believe they made this in response to negative comments about the way they look, dress and so on; which… I think is pretty damn HIP amirite? Lol
This song is a friendly reminder to all the haters that Mamamoo don’t care what they think. So for all you haters out there, remember “click me click me zoom in as if you’re possessed”… no really…click through my blog some more!

4. Jessi- NUNU NANA

It’s the Queen, it’s JE-SSIII!
I have always loved Jessi’s music, I mean, she’s a real OG. I think she just celebrated 15 years in the game and she is still going as strong as ever. Let me tell you, I expect to see Jessi, 50 years old shaking her thang at the MAMAs!
This song was probably my favourite to workout to this month, it’s just perfect and keeps me motivated. Give it a listen and you’ll see why.

5. Hwa Sa – Twit

I love Hwasaaaaa, I really do! Her look, her voice, her everything. What I love most about her is that she embraced her curves. Hwasa chose not to care about the snarky comments from Korean fans and I found that to be super empowering.

6. Refund Sister- Don’t Touch Me

Now what do you get when you combine Jessi, Hwasa, Lee Hyori and Uhm Jung-hwa? That’s right, you get the refund sisters! They really got 4 of the most badass women in K-pop and created a group, I love it sooo much. Wanna kick your workout’s ass? Just listen to this song.

7. Ateez- Wonderland

Every time I listen to this song during my workout,This song is about as dramatic as it gets but that’s Kpop for you!


I’m obsessed with this song; when I workout, when Im walking to the shop, I just can’t replaying it at every given chance.
Those boy band harmonies, whew, they really do something to me.
This is such a sexy song, but we all gotta feel at least a lil bit sexy when working out right?

9. Agust D- Daechwita

I think Agust D was one of the last artists I listened to before I wen’t on a k-music hiatus but I’m glad to still see he is thriving! How can you not love Suga!? This song has the right amount of hype to motivate you through your cardio, give it a try!

10. Black Pink- Pretty Savage

I think this song was made to be in someone’s workout playlist. When they say “you better run run run”… you better run run run! I’m finding it hard to find a BlackPink song that I don’t like. I definitely see why they are so popular!

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11. Mamamoo- Aya

Can you see now that I’ve really been into Mamamoo? This song in particular is probably the most played in my k-music workout playlist. I’ve even learnt the dance and could probably sing the whole song backwards at this point.
The switch up at the end just makes this song even more perfect, I could listen to it forever. Whoever decided to put that in there, well done!

12. Block B- Nillili Mambo

Time for a lil throwback. Anyone remember Block B? I remember having this song on repeat back in the day, aaah, memories. I can’t believe how much K-pop has changed since then and many times, I find myself coming back to classics like these. I was pretty sad to learn that they no longer make music… Petition to bring back Block B? Yes Please!!

13. Jay Park, Sik K, pH-1, HAON- Gang Remix

This is a collab that we all really need in our playlist. I swear I get so pumped every time this song comes on. J-park will always be a favourite of mine so anything he’s on, I’m listening.

14. CL +H₩A+

CL is back babbyyyyyy. I was so happy to see that she was releasing new tunes, I used to looove 2NE1. I’m surprised this song doesn’t have more views than what it does, do y’all even know who CL is!? This is a great song to add to your k-music workout playlist… or any playlist for that matter

15. Paloaltop- Energy

I discovered this bop in another k-music playlist on Spotify. Every time it comes on my mood is immediately lifted, it’s such a happy song! It’s called energy for a reason, try working out to it, it may just give you the extra energy boost that you need.

16. Rohann, Don Mills- OYE

This is another song discovered in that same k-music playlist on Spotify. I often find myself reciting the chorus around the house.”Open your eyes, what do you see now you can look at my eyes” Beware, it will get stuck in your head, almost like they’re casting a spell with those lyrics haha!

17. Jay Park, pH-1, BIG Naughty , Woodie Gochild, HAON, TRADE L, Sik-K- The Purge

This song is FIRE. Each and every flow from this H1ghr lineup is so original and different, yet they all work so well on this track. It’s hard not to get hype to this song. Be ready to smash your workout when this absolute banger comes on.

18. Vespa- Black Mamba

After stalking the K-pop dance instagram tag, I just had to listen to this song- absolutely everyone was covering it! The bass really drives this song along- it’s a great tune.

19. BoA- Better

BoA is back baby! I remember listening to BoA in the past, she was HOT and she has proved with this song and video that she has still got it! I’m really glad I got back into K-music in time for the release of this song.

20. Various Artists- 119 remix

If you are looking for a song to last a whole hiit workout, Gray has you covered. This song is a whopping 20 minutes long but I’m not complaining. There’s a reason the title says ‘several artists’, there are A LOT!

Find every song listed from my k-music workout playlist on Spotify below!

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What songs did you listen to last month? Let me know in the comments below!

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