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My Heavy Rotation- Top 10 Workout Songs In October 2020

What’s happening’ guys!? So if you have kept up with my previous heavy rotation posts, you’ll notice this one looks a lil different! I’ve decided to rebrand myself, revamp, renew! Welcome to my Workout Playlist- my top 10 workout songs to be exact!
The change is only slight but I think it now fits with my focus niches perfectly. My workout playlist honestly consists of the same stuff I’d listen to on a regular basis so this change felt so right!

Anyway, you came here to find out what I’ve been listening to eh? Well you guys should know by now that each and every song choice is as unpredictable and as random as they come- you’re in for a real mix-up today. Here are my top 10 workout songs in October!

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My Top 10 Workout Songs In October 2020

Remember that each song has been uniquely chosen by me. As a musician, I think it can be pretty hard to favour music because of genre alone so most of these songs don’t have much in common, other than all sounding amazing (to me at least)- that’s what makes this list great! 😉

1- BLACKPINK- How You like That

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve pressed play on this song! “How you like that!?” Well I actually like it a lot, Blackpink.
My last K-pop memories were in 2016, high-fiving the hands of BAP in about 3 seconds flat! (The manager pushed us along like a shepherd to a flock of sheep!!). Since that year my love for K-pop kind of died out but after hearing this song, I’m ready to risk it all again! I can’t think of a better workout song to get you pumped.

2- CJ- Whoopty

Where do you think I found this song? Go on, guess…
Yessssss behold another song discovered by me on TikTok! I actually searched this song as a joke but didn’t expect it to slap so hard. Just listen!

2- DaBaby- Practice

Last year, I was absolutely obsessed with Dababy, so obsessed that I had to take a break because I had the same songs on repeat at least 4 times a day… EACH!
But recently I found this song on Spotify and the obsession has been reborn. The production of this song isn’t too busy which is something I absolutely love about it, and his flow is on another level! This is a perfect tune whilst I’m lifting weights or something.

3- Initial D- Night of Fire

Time to switch it up a lil… or a LOT! Hear me out, this song is actually pretty fire- in fact, it’s Night of Fire (ayyy)!
Something about Eurobeat makes me want to smash the heck out of a workout so this was great for anything high intensity! If you don’t know what the genre Eurobeat is, I suggest you give this mix a listen and fall in love just like I did!

I have been totally into Gyaru fashion for the past year and I discovered Eurobeat through Parapara!
Doing these dance routines alone can be quite a cute lil workout- why not try learning a few?

5- Tiny Meat Gang- Deadbeat

Yes you read that correctly, that indeed does say Tiny Meat Gang. But before you laugh at me, just know that there’s something so addictive about this song and the majority of their songs for that matter.
This may be a joke song but whoever made the beat is super talented and I can definitely jam to it whilst working out.

6- Dubskie- Hot Girl summer Now

So you’ve heard the song on TikTok, you know, the one for gas station orders or whatever? Yeah, that one! Well, have you heard this remix!? Honestly, when I found this on Spotify, I thought it was the real thing but no, this is a flipped version by musician Dubskie!

It’s pretty hard not to break out dancing when this comes on during my workout, it get’s me hype every time!

7- Too Short- Blow The Whistle

Ah the song that Saweetie sampled (is how some people know it). For ages I was listening to her song thinking, “I know this from somewhere”, that’s because the beat is the exact same as Blow The Whistle! This song had been sitting in my Spotify for ages until just recently, I can’t stop pressing play!

8- t+pazolite- Seedy Try

And I will always say, there can’t be another one of these posts from me without a t+pazolite tune slotted in somewhere. This one is probably one of the most ‘normal’ out of the others I have listed before and has been a workout favourite of mine recently!

9- French Montana- Thats A Fact

Now, before you say ANYTHING, I like this song! I’m going to be honest here when saying, I think this is the only French Montana song I know, but I like it ok, I like it!!!
The beat itself is absolutely fire so it definitely makes his rapping much more tolerable (sorry French).
I’ve been enjoying working out to this song and “that’s a fact!”

10- Teriyaki Boyz- Tokyo Drift

I think I’ve saved the best till last! I don’t think I’ve actually seen a single ‘The Fast And The Furious’ film I’m so glad I discovered this song! That beat… it’s so addictive, I feel like this song is almost a guilty pleasure of mine! It is going to be a favourite of mine for a vey long time for sure.

There you have it, my top 10 workout songs in October 2020, and what a rollercoaster that was!
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What tunes did you have on repeat last month? Don’t be shy, be sure to let me know in the comments as I always love to know what others are listening to!

Find every song listed in my Spotify playlist below!

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