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Make These 3 Unusual Snacks for Game Day

Pizza and bean dip and fried chicken wings! These are a few of my favourite thiiiiiiings!

Even still, I can only eat them so many times before I want something new, something different, something unusual.
Do I have any American football fans over here? Do y’all have ideas on your snacks for game day? With the NFL season fast approaching, I’m sure that through all 272 football games played, it wouldn’t take long for you to feel burnt out and bored with even the most tried-and-true game day staples.

Looking to spice things up? Score a touchdown for your taste buds with these out-of-bounds/out-of-this-world twists on some of your favourite old classics:


Savory Jams & Jellies

Listen, we all love your homemade seven-layer bean dip. Honest, we do. But how about changing things up?

Instead of the usual gooey radioactive-orange nacho sauce or gelatinous shop bought dip, some savoury jams and jellies paired with fresh cheese and crackers make for a unique blend of tastes and textures. Looking for a mix of sweet and spicy? A good authentic chipotle or cranberry pepper jelly dip will bring the heat without sacrificing flavour.

Oven-Roasted Wings

Chicken wings are pretty much the ultimate finger food, and a must-have for any American football fan on game day. But all that deep-fried grease and spicy hot sauce can result in some truly epic heartburn, not to mention a proverbial fire down below the next time you take a seat on the porcelain throne.

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Looking to make some wings that’ll deliver the gourmet goods without shortening your lifespan? Ditch the fryer and fire up your oven instead. Oven-roasted wings take almost the same time as fried ones, and offer just as much crunchy finger-licking goodness with a lot less artery-clogging badness. Try seasoning with cayenne pepper or Jamaican jerk paste if you’re hoping to start a fire that won’t leave your tongue (or digestive tract) torched.

Quirky Pizza Toppings

You can’t improve upon perfection, which is why I’m not going to try to convince you to replace the Most Sacred of Game Day Foods, pizza, with quiche or pita wraps or something. That said, Italy’s greatest export provides a lot of room for creativity all on its own. Ditch Domino’s in favor of making your own pizza from scratch. It’s a lot easier, and a lot more fun, than you may think.

Trade in the usual New York-style crust and celebrate Chicago with a deep-dish monolith instead, or go lightweight with crispy flatbread (my favourite)! More importantly, think outside the (pizza) box with daring topping ideas like chicken tikka masala, spicy shrimp diavolo, red beet and pesto, or even raspberries!

What are your favourite snacks for game day? Will you be trying any of these unusual game day snack ideas? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

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