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10 Things I am Going to Do Once Lockdown Ends

I think it is safe to say that this Lockdown is driving everyone absolutely CRAZY. The first few weeks were nice, don’t get me wrong; no work, free time to be creative, doesn’t sound bad at all does it? But as the days go on, the lockdown continues and I’m truly ‘bored in the house and I’m in the house bored’! All of this free time has made me realise how much I took the outdoors for granted and I have created a list of things I just can’t wait to do after lockdown.

Eat at a Restaurant

Let’s get this point out of the way. If you know me at all, you will know that I am an absolute foodie. I’m certain that at least 75% of the conversations I start are centred around food LOL. Now, I am not a bad cook at all (If I do say so myself ). In fact, I’ve been cooking up a storm in the kitchen this entire lockdown. But girl….I AM SICK OF IT. I don’t wanna cook no more.

Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ), Mexican Food, Sushi, Mcdonalds; I’ve been dreaming of it all and I want it nowwwwww.
I am aware that various things are open for delivery but honestly, it is not the same. I need the whole experience, the smells, the atmosphere, I really miss it.
Feed me pls.

Take Maya to the Library

Just before the outbreak, I started taking Maya to the library at least once a week to make new friends and read. Our local library actually ran sessions for babies every Tuesday and Maya loved that. She could draw, sing, play and fight with other babies LOL, it was wonderful. It breaks my heart every time her lil face lights up hearing or seeing other children in the street, yet can’t approach them due to the social distancing rules. Mummy’s company is fun but I am sure she misses seeing kids her own age!

Hop on a Plane to anywhere

I’m sure everyone has said this before but I meaaaaan this, I need a holiday!
Whilst being in Lockdown I have been on skyscanner probably a minimum of once a day just dreaming of my next trip. Being stuck at home is bad enough but in England too?
Man, I’m tired and this has made me realise how much I want to see the world after lockdown. I’m hoping my next destination will be Mexico, the home of TACOS. See, I told you I talk about food 24/7 and this Mexico trip will be totally food driven haha!

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Go Swimming in the Sea

It has been about 3 years since I last had the chance to swim in the sea and something about salt water in my eyes sounds appealing right now. Maybe Im missing the beach or maybe it’s just simply just my freedom that I’m missing. I want to swim away after lockdown!

Get My Nails Done

For the past few weeks now, I have been browsing Pinterest and seeing tons of cute nails designs that I must have! I have only had my nails done twice in all 22 years of life-as a violinist has to keep their nails short. I have recently been looking into Gyaru fashion and their decoden nail designs are totally up my street, they are soooo damn cute! If you don’t know what Gyaru is, I suggest you click this link as Lizzie gives a great in depth explanation.
Part of me wants to be impulsive and do them myself and the other part of me is telling me not to be so ridiculous girl!
I definitely don’t think I can pull these nails off on my own, which is why I am eager to get them done professionally as soon as this craziness is over.

Go to a Natural Hair Shop

This one is simple. As a black woman, getting natural hair products has not been as easy as it used to be. The hair shops are all closed! Despite ordering online, everything is much more expensive and just takes away from the easiness of walking down the road and buying a tub of conditioner. I initially ordered from Superdrug and had to wait an absolute lifetime for them to actually arrive! I really hope the shops open soon as these shipping prices and waiting times are getting ridiculous.

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Drink Bubble Tea Till I Burst

I miss bubble tea so so so much! I guess this is another one of those ‘you don’t really miss it until it’s gone’ situations. As soon as this is over I will be on that bus to central London, ordering at least 3 large cups- there will be no stopping me!

Shots Shots Shots

I wanna go clubbing!!!! I’m gonna have to be honest here, these solo dance parties in my room at 1am are not hitting the same. Am I crazy for missing crowded rooms full of sweaty people? Maybe.

Take My Theory Test

Another thing stopped by this crazy pandemic was taking my theory test. Let me tell you all, I was READY.
I was taking my mock tests every day, practice questions, the whole shabang. This bus life was starting to get ridiculous and I needed my license, I still need my license. Soooo, as soon as DVSA opens up I’m there… after a bit more revision maybe, I haven’t done any this entire lockdown.

Never Watch Another Episode of Waffle The Wonder Dog AGAIN!

We have reached number 10 and this is probably the highest ranking thing on the whole list. I am very passionate about this one so here it goes…
I never and I said NEVER want to watch Waffle the Wonder Dog ever again after lockdown.
If you have never heard of that show, I’d say count yourself lucky but for my fellow British Mama’s out there, I’m sure I’m right in saying that that dog has special powers. I don’t know what it is but Maya has me watching probably 10 episodes a day back to back- I’m going crazy… or crazier!

How I feel every time I hear that annoying ass theme tune

Ok, but all jokes aside, I hope you are all keeping well during this difficult time. Hang in there and stay safe!

What are some things you are most looking forward to doing after lockdown? Let me know in the comments below!

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